Wednesday, July 3, 2019


The President told the Army to send tanks to the Mall in Washington DC for the 4th of July. Instead, the Army sent a pair of Bradley Fighting Vehicles. They're still not tanks. They were not designed as tanks, they were not fielded as tanks and they are not tanks. They're most definitely tank killers but still, not tanks.
Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Still not a Tank
President Trump would be justified in firing the Secretary of Defense, Army Secretary and CoS Army at this umbrage. Be serious, all of us know we have just one kind of tank, the M1. That's a tank. The sad fact that the Army can't pony up a single M1 to send to the national mall for a parade on the 4th of July is worse than sad. It's outrageous.

We dumped tanks off the Carolina coast to make reefs after the first Gulf War. Hundreds of tanks went into the ocean for no particular good reason. The 4th Infantry Regiment could use a half dozen tanks. Perhaps the Army could find a few before they feed them to the ocean and set them up with the horses and the Old Guard at Fort Myer.


Paul L. Quandt said...

IMNSHO, there are quite a few ' stars ' who need to be dropped off in the ocean 500 miles from any land. Any who make it to shore can be allowed to retire.

Thanks for the post.
Paul L. Quandt

HMS Defiant said...

I took my wife by the house the Army felt was going to be good enough to the general in charge of the IFV program as a Brig. General. It's a dump and the whole base is dump. The Army tried their very very best to inculcate honor at West Point. As far as I can tell that was never what the Navy attempted. I rapidly picked up on the fact that after about 1920 the US could not care less and they turned it into a hissy fit in Congress when it came to housing. The stuff they put my people in that was built during the indian wars was a thousand times better than capehart or the other shit we got even from the Air Force at Moffet or the big base north of SF.