Tuesday, July 30, 2019


It's kind of amusing to watch President Trump use a few lines of twitter prose to live rent free in the heads of every democrat, every media outlet, every SJW and snowflake in the land. I read an item last week about how his spokeswoman is incompetent or something because she doesn't stand up every day in front of the media to answer dumb and vicious questions from the White House press corps and I asked myself, "why should she?" She doesn't have to contribute anything at all to explain or justify anything that happens in and around the White House. As director of communications her job may just boil down to target selection and then pointing the President's twitter at it.

The Twits running twitter must be pulling their hair out, screaming and rolling around on the ground in agony as they see a master manipulate the press, the pundits, the snowflakes, the democrats and politicians everywhere with just a few well chosen words.

Covfefe anyone?

Maybe next we'll talk about the Commandant's new amphibious policy which makes an awful lot of sense to me. Those big amphibious ships are about as helpless before the onslaught of a missile storm as the media and democrats are against President Trump's twitter feed.


capt fast said...

as for the ships, they could use some patriots and maybe a thad bolted to the decks. as for the twits, maybe they need an enema.

capt fast said...

there I go again being insensitive and argumentative. My bad, I apologize.

HMS Defiant said...

The ships are pretty much defenseless and then they frequently, almost always detach ships from the ARG to proceed on independent assignments without any escort at all. Sea Cobras are nice but there are almost as many MANPADs out there as there are AK47s. I'd take a page from CAPT Fatso (Dan Gallery's invention) and put the tanks and some of the heavier fighting vehicles on deck or in a position to drive out onto the stern gate and engage surface targets with cannon fire. I'm not sure stern gates can take the weight of M1s but who knows.

HMS Defiant said...

We treasure such comments. :)

capt fast said...

would the flight deck support 150,000 lbs. of heavy metal covering about six square meters(track footprint) of deck space??? one all up abrams is a hell of a load.
but seriously, they let those under weaponed cattle barges go unchaperoned? not even a brace of DDgs to accompany them? can you imagine the shitstorm if an assault ship gets nailed for lack of just one escort? I am sometimes underwhelmed by the lack of tactical thinking of the Naval Leadership. They constantly undervalue and underestimate the combat capabilities of certain adversaries. Makes me think the major part of Naval Leadership is composed of a bunch of loose boweled obama appointees looking for their mommies to tell them everything will be ok.