Sunday, December 9, 2018


I'm more than tired of these deep states shits. I would ask if there was anyone to rid us of these turbulent scum but the idiot that leaped to answer would shoot all the wrong people.


capt fast said...

back in his day, Oliver Cromwell, was also asking that very same question of the "nobility and elites" of his day who were his own deep state. look to history in that light and see for yourselves if good intentions of the one are not constantly skewed by the human condition of those around him.

HMS Defiant said...

There is no deal. Politics is war carried out by other means.For awhile the kings, charles and james lost to the people but the people is a great thing that manifests long after the king has his head shorn.
If one looks at the grand sweep of history and one is ango-saxon one perceives a loss in 1066. No real frog sees such a loss and when you think about the colossus that defeat wrought, well, you don't either.

Extinction though is probably all bad. The mongols did that with the greater cities of the muslim world. They didn't really leave any alive to complain but they wiped out the urban civil that we were just starting to produce.

Drat, now I'll be up for another hour watching Eric Clines video.