Tuesday, December 11, 2018


This is a science anyone in ice country should know. Unfortunately there is absolutely nobody in charge who teaches it. All those rotten b@stards say, "stay off the ice". As one of them in spades, stay off the ice!

This is a lesson on how to survive being an idiot and falling through the ice

I death rolled a laser about 20 times on the downwind leg of a race under the Throgs Neck Bridge in late November. There was no ice but there sure as hell was a suspicion there would have been if it wasn't thoroughly polluted by New York, New York. I don't even want to think about what kept the surface from forming ice. At least, in Newport, you had a reasonable expectation that the ice you were breathing in Frost Biting was mostly seawater.

Oh sure, looks harmless in summer.


John in Philly said...

I spent '76-'78 as an active duty sailor on a reserve can at Fort Schuyler almost in the shadow of the Throgs Neck Bridge.

The water that flowed by was full of interesting things.

I do remember getting underway once when the river had frozen near the shoreline.

HMS Defiant said...

I went up the river to Karachi for a month and despite all things the navy considered proper we kept rolling our own TGs because the shore power was for shit. We had to back blow the main condenser a hundred times. We'd filled a few of the ballast tanks with potable water prior to arrival so we didn't have to drink the pure sewage that is called potable water while we were there. We sometimes noticed that the firemain blowouts of the intakes resulted in bodies floating to the surface and heading down the river.

We were joined at some point by a old DDG, Robison I think and they did have to rely on the consulate for potable water. Suckers.

John in Philly said...

"East River whitefish." Once seen, cannot be unseen.
And yes, that water went right into our evaporators.

capt fast said...

in the early 70's we flew low over the ganges delta at very low altitude unpressurized and was amazed how much it smelled like a rendering plant next to a slaughter house during high summer. the Nav gave me a look thru the drift meter which explained the similar odors. sharks and salties were ripping apart the floaters. nice place to ditch.

HMS Defiant said...

I did Intense Look in 1984 and at a certain point the skipper gave up moving the ship and left the engine turbines offline and just drifted for a couple of weeks between Arabia and Somalia/Eritrea. We had roughly a thousand sharks circling the ship just from the things we let into the sea.