Sunday, December 9, 2018


I'm looking for the source of a dimly remembered quote from a story I read, "oh no, there is most of heaven and all of hell between the current state and war."

It's proving elusive and the maddening thing is I don't know if it's of recent vintage or something from Paradise Lost.

From the not too distant past and Writer-At-Arms, Robert Frezza,
“No, Juffrou Bruwer, it is not. There is most of heaven and all of hell between the unstable situation that exists and war. Until the Afrikaner nation has taken up arms or until I say fiat justitita, ruat caelum, let justice be done though the skies fall, there is no war.” 
Immediately, he softened his voice. “I realize that the heavens appear to be falling around you. You, Burgemeester Beyers, a few others, are straddling a widening abyss. Still, however likely it may be that war will manifest itself within this next week, it is not yet, and I greatly dislike inaccuracy.” 
“I do not understand you. Are you saying there is no war?” she asked, the unexpected way in which he expressed his thoughts dulling her intellect. 
Vereshchagin ran his thumb across the surface of the pipe he was holding in his hands. “May I clarify? The situation is volatile and unstable. Within a very few days, if no cause intervenes, the fanatics who initiated this sterile conflict will begin to suppress moderation. Yet as a nation, at this moment in history the Afrikaners have not yet chosen a course of action. Your work with Shimazu, I take it, has given you an understanding of the narrowness of the support the fanatics presently enjoy.” She made no answer for several minutes. “Are you saying that there does not have to be war?” she asked solemnly.
The above was written as fiction about war on another planet. The author worked for the CIA or State or one of the other shadow governments and yet it is very much a paradigm of our times. We in the West are kind of settled and it is the darker war that we fear now. We know who the dark are but since none of us are butted up against their countries, we pretend not to know or fear. Every single one of them is primed to explode.

At the end of the day, there is a little problem with multi-culti.

It isn't real. It is nothing more than a fiction that people of the West believe in the face of 80% of islamics who are quite willing to set alight those who screwed up and think they can get away with a little thing like Apostasy

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