Sunday, December 16, 2018


This was amusing. They were a century old group of almost pure volunteers. People joined because they wanted what  Baden-Powell offered them; a chance to slip out of civilization and behave like men in the wilderness for just a little while.

Then they got converged by the social justice warriors who ordered them to take faggots into their young male society in the wilderness and while that was doable under court order they then decided that the society for boys wanting to be men in a wilderness now had to take girls. I'm sure that the more predatory boys that weren't already turned by their gay scoutleaders had no particular problem with that. I mean, girls like to go camping in the woods, sleep in pup tents and go for long walks carrying backpacks with all the stuff young pioneers take into the wilderness. See it all the time.

Once it fell to the social justice types it was doomed. It was merely a matter of time.

This has lain in abeyance while I searched in vain for the instagram page of a gorgeous HM2. She chose to join the navy and climb mountains in the remote and her gram was one any father could be proud of. I regret to say that I lost it and it needs refinding. She's an HM2 but, she's a scout.

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