Sunday, December 16, 2018


For the second time in my life I called the police to make a noise complaint. The non-emergency line of course. As with the last time, the objectionable noise ended in about 2 minutes. Encinitas cops are almost as fast as the locals. I don't call the police lightly. Back when I walked every evening I'd call them about once a month after witnessing some idiot breaking into a car.

I did for me, the normal thing and confronted the noisemaker and he invited me to step off the planet. I'm not so inclined yet. I told him the consequences and he sneered.

As a rule, a sneer is not a good thing.

I kind of regret not keeping even one of my cammo uniforms. OTOH, this is precisely why not one single one of them accompanied me over the Ginnungagap. I still have one of each of the dress versions of others but not ones worn out by protesters who never served a minute in this country's armed forces. As a rule uniforms aren't that scary but to the ones who know, the colorful bit tells a story about the man wearing it.

Oh, Cities in Flight by James Blish is the reference to the end of time.

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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

As someone who spent 14 years as a road deputy, sometimes a little ragnarok is what the situation calls for, is what I say.