Sunday, December 9, 2018


Night fell many hours ago. OK, didn't fall, it was tripped and pushed over only to be mugged but I did mean to write something light this evening. It actually featured my favorite mongoose who did, ultimately, make a cameo in the very very very long post you won't see because once we left Nag dead we sort of went crazy writing which is a hazard of the profession.

We had a dinner party tonight which was fun, enjoyable, wonderful, rich in exotic food (corned beef on  rye) and much other good stuff. Unfortunately for the blog, it brought out the pompous in me. You don't want to see me being all pompous.

When it happens, I think back to a couple of aviating gentlemen bloggers who could take the pompous out with total class. I think the exile in Portales would cavil at being called a gentlemen. Tough. I outrank him. I'm pretty sure Lex would have agreed with me.

I would like to think it is a night of reverie.............and it is.......for values of is.

Just waiting for the crew to have all gone to bed.........we had about 6 kinds of yummy dessert that I missed and which is waiting in the kitchen for me softly calling my name. I hear and obey.

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