Sunday, December 16, 2018


She gets it. She wrote about it. As a species we've been around the block a time or two. We share lives and procreate and while a lot of it is beyond my ken, I rather liked this article. If reading it alone brings a long and relaxing backrub in bed into one's life, that is a start but it also sometimes is all that matters, finding someone you can live forever with.

Back when TV started, couples were always portrayed in separate beds. I was friends in the south up north down south in Cali that had totally separate bedrooms. He snored like a grizzly, knew it, and she needed sleep. They still got it on and then retired to neutral corners. For the sleep that was in it.

I'm checking out other ways. That movie with some famous actor who''s name I never remember...Not Al Pacino, the other guy,...."get off my lawn". He knew it.

For a year or so I worked with a seal who liked bananas, a lot for the potassium that was in them because, seal.
He never ever pealed one and ate it like that. Every time he cut off a little piece and put it in his mouth.  I think he watched firefly when the XO told the recruit why the captain always cut up his apples when he ate them.

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