Sunday, December 16, 2018


As I wrote earlier. I was out of the country when this was broadcast. Still.

I think that this was,



capt fast said...

unlike the socialist bilge promulgated by the "startrek" series, I had found this series more in line with the way people actually are. it is usually interesting and of course, one must remember to always bring grenades because they are useful in almost every situation.
It could have gone on for some time, but I feel it ended well with Serenity.

HMS Defiant said...

I completely agree.
I used to work with a SEAL who had to somewhat sheepishly return to control a lot of Mk 19 grendade rounds that he found in his stuff in his garage after coming back from a tour. I laughed when he told me that and told him I'd read somewhere the report of a couple of logistics lieutenants sent to the NSWU in Iraq and did what their job demanded and attempted to inventory the hundreds of USN shipping containers of ammo and weapons in northern Kuwait and southern Iraq and found hundreds of thousands of pounds of ammo, explosives and rockets simply missing and gone. As far as I know, no harm no foul, no follow-up.

capt fast said...
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