Friday, December 7, 2018


It was supposed to be a simple there and back again. Easy peasy. I worked in customer service jobs, heck, I was Fleet Liaison for all our fleets for almost 5 years. This evening took the biscuit, the french toast, all the chocolate cake and the coconut cake leftovers.

I joined a line of about 20 customers to buy some meat. Yeah, yeah, my bad. I like meat!

I stood in that line for almost 15 minutes while it didn't move because there were customer service types, 8 EIGHT OF THEM right there on the other side of the counter.

Every single one of them studiously ignoring us. No kidding. One or two would glance at all the waiting customers and then go back to ignoring us.

I reached my limit and the two loaves of rye bread I was holding in line, I tossed them over my shoulder as I headed out the door.

Every now and then, the shape of reality is shown to me and I see it. This was downtown Mordor and I had just had a wonderful interaction at all levels at a different food shop deeper into Mordor but where 100% of the staff and the owner were pleasant, nice and helpful. Vienna is running 0 for 2.


capt fast said...

my usual reaction to such customer service is to find the resident manager/owner, show such personage the cash in my wallet and inform said personage that that is the last time such personage will ever see it again let along as close as such personage will get to it. and if the store has carts, i will fill to over flowing as many as i can before being escorted from such personages establishment. because, hell, two can play that game...

HMS Defiant said...

I really don't fuck around with rotten service. If it is shitty, I won't be back. Ever. If they really irk me, I'll leave a review. They really really have to work hard to get me to go to that effort.

capt fast said...

being as I am finally retired-thankfully-I do have the time to spend being a pain in the ass because at this point it's the principal of the thing. but, I always tip for professional personal service.

HMS Defiant said...

Me too. It kills me now that restaurants make you go pay the cashier rather than having the server pick up the cash/credit card, ring up the sale and return to the table. It's not that I object to ringing up at the cash register but sometimes I have to walk down the full length of the restuarant to return to my table and leave a tip because all too often I don't have the cash on hand to leave it there when I get up to pay.