Tuesday, December 4, 2018


From one of the usual places.


  1. Hasselblad, the only camera for lunar vacations.

    1. It's funny that you say that. I let my little brother stay in my apartment when I went overseas for four months to sweep mines. He sent me a half filled out insurance claim against my insurance company for damage to my car, a broken window, when some other jerk smashed the window to get my brother's really nice leather coat which he had draped over his Hasselblad camera. Idiot. He thought USAA should pay him for everything and I'd be happpy if they just paid to have the window replaced.

  2. it was amazing how there was so little static smudges on the film from those cameras. probably not polaroid film but i would not bet against it. saw some shots from the torso cameras after the guys fell over in the dust. they brought the film canisters back but they put the camera bodies and lenses in the LEM. no deposit no return.

  3. that most irritating point was that some dirt bags at NASA at JPL or Huntsville or wherever else the images were posted to SENT ALL THE ORIGINAL FILM TO RECYCLE. The images we have now to remember those events are salvaged from second hand sources BECAUSE SOME FUCKING MORON sent the originals to be recycled.