Saturday, December 1, 2018


He was, for all his faults, a naval aviator who flew against the Empire of Japan in World War II. He was a far better man than Clinton ever was and even with all the decades after leaving behind his final office, he was better than any who came after him or tried to be his rival. It was under his Presidency that the decades long Cold War finally came to an end we could all cheer for because there really was no loser in that War save those who fought and died and were wounded in the proxy wars that culminated in an enduring peace.

LTJG Bush piloting an Avenger in World War II

United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Envoy to China
Director of the CIA
As Vice President he stood fast after the assassination attempt on President Reagan.
As President, ended the Cold War with the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the USSR.
Led the nation as it fought the 100 hour war that gutted Iraq in the First Gulf War.

A lifetime of service to the Nation.

I would just like to add for the sake of George jr., I was out of town and living in a tent on Ford Island in Hawaii when President Nixon died. I was midway between San Diego and San Francisco when President Reagan died and I was away in Ann Arbor when President Bush died. George, if you want to pay me to stay home for a few years/decades, you can reach me care of this blog.


Anonymous said...

The same could be said of Jimmy Carter. As for commenting on his character the folks at Ruby Ridge are unable to comment.

HMS Defiant said...

One could say the same for those in Jonestown or those in Waco. Every single day now we get to see an FBI bureaucracy totally out of control and nobody complains about it because, it is aimed at Trump and they hope like hell those FBI assholes will kill him.

Jimmy may have gone down to the sea in submarines but I've never met anybody who told me that he engaged the enemy more closely or engaged in significant operations during the Cold War. I've had NUPOC friends who went to carriers in ROH COH after 2 years of nuke school and prototype and they never even got underway during their entire terms of service.

You're every bit as entitled to your opinion about the man as am I.

Tell you one thing though. The CIA under him didn't leak like a sieve and spill every single source and method into the white. I wouldn't say that about even Stansfield Turner.