Friday, September 30, 2016


It is kind of amazing that nobody at all questions the secrecy of Obama's diplomacy. Every day new evidence turns up showing that this deceitful, dishonest, liar has been negotiating secret deals with enemies of the United States. It is one thing to negotiate in secret for the benefit of all but it is quite another to negotiate in secret with the enemy and hide it ONLY from the American citizens. That is incredible, nay, towering contempt for the people of America.

Today we read that in addition to loading multiple cargo planes with billions of dollars* stacked on pallets and flying them to Iran, he also secretly lifted American sanctions on Iranian banks that were supporting terrorists worldwide who were fighting against American interests and our allies. All carefully kept more secret than the Top Secret things that Hillary, Cheryl and others in the Executive Office of the State Department leaked to Russia, China and Guccifer. I'll bet bloggers in Iraq are reading those 33,000 missing emails that our FBI and NSA can't seem to find.

Hola! Look everybody, the Obama Administration has secretly been negotiating with Castro and has reached a deal. That stupid putz and his schmucks at the State Department were kept in the dark and didn't know anything about Obama reestablishing ties with Cuba. Obama kept them in the dark just like he kept America in the dark. The man really does think he is Papa Doc Duvalier reborn.

He started these negotians with Cuba back when the "confused" Hillary was Secretary of State and was leaking secrets like a sieve. Obama must have had somebody on his staff tell him to stop all further communications with her on any matter that required secrecy because the setup she was using was a 4 trillion candle power beacon that called to any who search out secrets on the interwebs. They knew it was penetrated but hoped that having failed to note it at its conception they would outlast its exposure. It worked.

I listened to Kerry's remarks on the radio yesterday several times and heard an absolute moron way out of his depth tell the world that,
"we're on the verge of suspending the discussion because, uh, uh, you, you, you know it's it's irrational in the context of the kind of bombing taking place uh, to be sitting there trying to take things seriously."
His idiocy can be heard at the link. Look for the 9/29/2016 1600 news report. I know we can survive a single incompetent boob as President as long as we come back with a better one but two idiot Secretaries of State in a row is killing us internationally and destroying alliances that had been in  place for decades.

Hillary melted down and caused the Administration to set up it's own little State Department that compartentalized Administration diplomacy from whatever idiocy Clinton and the cupcakes running State kept coming up with and trying to implement. Kerry is just a simple but complete idiot way out of his depth. I think it's possible that he is even more stupid than Clinton. She's about the stupidest person ever but at least she used to be unbelievably sly and cunning.

I think it would be a good thing if the first thing the new President did, even before throwing Clinton to the tender mercy of an independent prosecutor, would be to send appropriate witchfinders through the State and Justice Departments to wack the rocks and boulders who have dragged their reputations to the bottom. I could have referred to them as dead wood but at least dead wood floats.

All the "secret" little "deals" (Treaties, your actual Treaties), only come into force when they are ratified by the Senate. I haven't seen any of those in years. While we're doing that, we could look at all the little "secret" codicils to the other treaties. There's no reason now that the American people cannot know what they have agreed to. We don't have to protect our friends anymore since, thanks to Obama, we don't have any, and to Hell with the desires our enemies to have us keep their secret little deals under the rug.

Iran, using it's own printing presses has probably printed off $200,000,0000,0000 in the last 10 years. Sending them their worthless paper dollars back probably tickled the men ordered to bundle up the cash, palletize it, load it on a plane and fly it to Tehran.


OldAFSarge said...

Looks rather bleak from here.

Malfeasance in high places, not good.

The Old Man said...

One could only hope that the pallets were loaded with queer $ generated by the goat-lovers.
Personally, I'd have dusted the ink with americium....

HMS Defiant said...

They swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. They have a nasty habit of swearing and spitting on other people's living room carpets and they have no idea what this Constititution thing is.

HMS Defiant said...

They're like the drug cartels except the death they pedal is a horrible God awful pseudo religion. I expect the backlash to be tremendous. They have exact counterparts who are their opposite side of the same coin. Prepared to hate, willing to hate, wanting to hate and one day soon they will climb atop of stack of the dead bodies of their enemies and start hating with a vengeance.
I should write movie scripts