Friday, September 23, 2016


I just spent an hour in 1985. There's another song that can translate me right back into a Jordanian taxi on Palestinian Land Day. It's funny how music can do that. Scent does it too. I don't have a single adult scent that evokes memory beyond diesel fuel but the ones from Fort Leavenworth playing in the back yard or at school do. There were two distinct odors for school or play. Those remain. I stop whatever I'm up to and just stand and remember with crystal sharp clarity when I run across either of them. I never stayed in a place longer than 2 years while growing up. There are rare scents that can transport me right back in a heart beat.

Once I knew I used to ask myself how but I'm older now. I have some idea. Almost every boy's dream and I used to walk into the snow and freezing rain with this playing on my iPod walkman. I had to walk into the cold and damp because the idiot commanding the Newport Navy Base would shut it down when it snowed which meant no food on base, no driving on base and a long walk out the back gate to Mama Leone's.

She kept my ears warm.

There was the other one that lingers long after the music and a third I cannot find the name of and I left behind the VHS tape that had the song. Needless to say, beautiful voice and video. This was back in the days of pure audio. There was no You Tube or internet. You had to pay attention and curse the radio stations that would play awesome music and then decline to tell you the name of the song, the album or the artist.

Pris was Daryl Hannah? Who knew? Yep, I threw in a reference to BladeRuner.

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