Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Courtesy of gCaptain.

These sorts of things are amusing to those of us who listened to the patter of 'expert' staff who talked about destroying a fully functioning object and converting it into something else that would be almost as effective at ten times the cost. It also sounds like the kind of training one needs if one works at State Department as they try to explain and justify actions that, on the face of them, are simply incomprehensible unlesss you accept the premise that they were designed to weaken America.

We really need to do something about weeding all the marxists, socialists, SJWs and communists out of the State Department. Lederer's book, The Ugly American, was spot on when it was published 58 years ago and applies even more ferociously today.


Captain Steve said...

I thought the thing was in main control of the LCS.

HMS Defiant said...

They have TWO of them! One on the Bridge and one in Main Control.

B said...

It is actually spelled "Encabulator".