Friday, September 9, 2016


I can see the future now.

A young sailor or maybe even an older sailor operating in SOCAL or VACAPES is hungry or thirsty and dials up his favorite restaurant and a drone is dispatched to them from Little Creek or Del Mar with a nice tasty taco and some beer.

If you read the old books from before the War you recall warships moored in the Yangtze where the bumboats would come alongside and offer the sailors all kinds of novelties like tasty food.

It might take a couple of years but the sailors I worked with were the very first ones to buy cellular phones and take them to sea because, as I recall, one of my electricians ran a nursery on the side and since we spent a lot of time close in SOCAL he wanted to be able to keep in touch with his customers. The XO used to go down to the forward engine room and ask to use his shoe box sized cell phone to make calls to the navy port folks we were 'supposed' to deal with on arrival.

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