Monday, September 12, 2016


Yesterday there were no campaign signs here in MetroParkCentralis East. The lawns were well groomed, as always, and the grass was mowed and there was no sign of blight. Today, the Party came through and every registered Democrat got a Killary/Tim sign on their front yard. God, there's a lot of them. These are the 'smart' people. All of them work at Case Western or University Hospital and it looks like all of them were proud to put a Killary sign on their front yard.

In the morning I put out my campaign sign. Won't they be afraid. My house is directly across the street from where the darling little children get off the school bus and out of their mommy's car in front of the elementary school.

I just have to get the right font.

SMOD 2016!

ah, perspective, that's where we lose focus and fall off the beam.

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