Sunday, September 11, 2016


Her Imperial Highness, Saint Hillary, collapsed today in front of millions who were watching the commemoration of the 9/11 massacre in New York City. Press fails to notice. However, we have the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom that offers far better and more comprehensive news of America than any newspaper or media outlet in the United States.

Watch the video and weep for a nation of sheep who would elect this lying deceitful criminal harpy as president.

UPDATE: This explains matters to my satisfaction. Hillary has some explaining to do.


virgil xenophon said...

Yeah, who are we gonna believe, Hills people or our lying eyes? Nothing to see here, move right along to the Coronation ceremonies please..

HMS Defiant said...

We haven't even heard from Assenge yet but I'll bet he has the emails about Hillary's 'yoga' appointments and it will be made crystal clear that the reason she acted as she did to hide everything was because above all, she needed to hide the fact that she is unfit medically to be president and her email must have been full of appointments with her physicians and counselors. That right there is the single cold blooded reason why she took her email off the State Department and government grid. If it got out that she was suffering a degenerative brain disorder her chance at grasping the brass ring she so desperately wants, would have vanished.

Bernie has to be kicking himself for not exploiting such a rich opportunity to put her aside and if I was a democrat I'd be outraged that the DNC pushed her down the voter's throats because they must have known that their candidate of choice was thoroughly no good. She's broken physically, morally and ethically. Bernie at least had the courage of his convictions and the physical constitution to carry them to the White House.