Wednesday, September 7, 2016


As a young man I tried to follow the news of the world. It used to matter to me. I would travel overseas with a shortwave radio and tune to the BBC or the other world services at night and listen in back in the days before internet and personal phones at sea. The SPS-10 scarcely bothered the signals at sea but the SPS-40 was an every minute blast of static lasting 10 or 15 seconds. It was hard to follow the news at sea. Ashore, it was an easy matter. Lie in the cot at night in the tent and use the ear plugs to tune in.

On the rare occassions I was not in the field, I stayed in hotels and they usually had a decent news service or BBC on TV. Later on they had the awful CNN international. I'm at home now and I don't watch what passes for news. I try to listen to NPR but they are now stuck on laming Al Trump as much as they can. They do it every single show, all day long by having talking heads come on and discuss the Trump position (racist, brutalist, thug, rapist, warmonger) and Sainted St. Hillary the Blessed Virgin of Purity and Light and Reasonableness.

NPR invariably has 3 talking heads and a moderator so in the bag for Hillary they froth at the mouth when singing her praises and somebody like Al Gore to explain the Republican and Trumpian position. It's gotten beyond old. I didn't start writing here to be a dyed in the wool cynic or a shill but it is getting to the point where it's hard to refrain from pointing out the obvious.

Of course, it's obvious to me but I don't write here to be a partisan. I write for humor, deflection, for the education of one who never reads this and never will. I write here to enjoy and celebrate life and if some of that is the observation that life has many fools, I don't mean to ascribe foolishdom to those who disagree. My kind of fools are the kind that go shark fishing with a snorkel wearing a bikini. They're the ones that buy an entire class of warship that cannot fight submarines, airplanes, missiles, other ships, mines or anything beyond a rowboat and at this point, I'd give odds on the rowboat winning.

I've given up on the idea that smart people cannot see beyond the sickly light in the windows into the Clinton soul (if they indeed have one). I don't care about Trump except to say that he is not the most corrupt, lying, criminal, inept, sickly, worthless politician in this country's history.

So, I haven't been blogging of late. I thought it would be nice to blog about something nice. I've been waiting for something nice to come along. (At this point any male blogger would put up a picture of some supermodel.)
NPR Venting About Trump
I didn't promise a beautiful supermodel, just the Supermodel of the Set of NPR voices.

I sure as Hell don't want to end up like that. I mention that because I live in MetroParkCentralis where Hillary just went into unstoppable paroxyms of coughing up a lung while the media entirely, once again failed to notice. It's getting irritating and I've decided upon a whole new course of blogging. I'm not going to blog when I'm irritated.


OldAFSarge said...

Blogging While Irritated (BWI) can be dangerous, though it can be liberating as well. (Naval Air Cowman mentioned BWI the other day. I like it.)

The Old Man said...

Some of the most amusing posts I've ever read were composed whilst the blogger was in the middle of a hissy. But if you're not going to write while irritated, posts will be sparse until Coronation Day....
BTW - love the term MetroParkCentralis. I'm on the west side of the Emerald Necklace.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I do my utmost to post every day.
That's to let my distant family know I am still alive.
Currently there's a distinct amount of drivel because I avoid the current political climate due to the extreme irritation it causes me.

50 years ago I could have gone on all day about how much the SPS40 irritated me (as a radarman) because the only time we could follow a target was if its IFF transponder was turned on.

I can do BWI when it involves personal, first hand stuff.
It almost therapeutic.
The general overall stuff I will only touch upon occasionally.
I'm sure it would be better if the season was shorter instead of overlapping.

HMS Defiant said...

He probably inspired me but I think back to Harry Dresden and the wonderful quotes. The man was inspired.

HMS Defiant said...

Aye, as I said, we live in the Shaker Highlands. We really must get together for dinner sometime. We have our passports and have made it over the river successfully at least half a dozen times. We know some places in Ohio City or anyplace you'd care to recommend....?

HMS Defiant said...

Exactly! I can do BWI for just the same reasons but to condemn 50% of Americans every single day? Not so much. I'll leave that to the other side.

On LaSalle the radar techs made the unfortunate mistake of throwing their inline steam heaters over the side in lieu of performing actual PMS on them. It actually gets quite cool in the Persian Gulf in the winter and there I was using all my resources to try to make it actually snow in CIC and the Radar rooms. Best I could get by the EMO's measurement was 39 degrees. I was happy.

I can't count the number of times I'd relieve the watch in CIC and find that the SPAs were set to IFF. I honestly wonder how our guys ever detected inbound enemy planes or vampires. It was a complete mystery until I found myself explaining to people that "WE COULD NOT USE AIS TO DETECT THE DAMNED ENEMY!" I'm pretty sure, based on the Riverine fiasco in the Persian Gulf, that to this day they don't understand that.

see? bwi, I can still do that....

The Old Man said...

WE live where the view is Fair. Are you into clambakes? My American Legion Post is doing one on September 25th. It's just over the Rocky River bridge on Lorain. Speak up quick - reservations must be made, as it is quite popular.

HMS Defiant said...

Pam and I would be delighted to join you at the clambake. Is there a poc for reservations?

The Old Man said...

I would be tickled to have you visit "enemy territory". I will reserve tickets and PLEASE email me if you'd like a bake or a steak-and-bake.
My personal email is The Bosslady and I are working it (of course) but I'm sure you'll find a few folks (dammit, who let these CB's in here?) that are simpatico.
I guess I'm the point-of-contact...