Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I never forgot seeing this the first time it was broadcast in the 80's. I doubt anybody will every broadcast it again. To be honest, this is one of two videos I watched. I liked this man, his daughter not so much.

And then at the same time there was Tim Allen. We watched his show and I taped it on cassette and took it with us when we all embarked on a 3 hour sail. We kind of went out with the tide the first 6 hours and I got us to the customs dock at the mouth of San Diego Bay before we drifted all the way to China and told them I'd pay for a taxi to get them back to my apartment where their cars were parked but all of them said, "oh no" and so we spent the next 6 hours drifting back to the pier where we tied up by the Coast Guard Station.

The sloop had an outboard motor but it apparently hadn't worked since 1963 and sure as hell didn't work that night. There is usually some wind in San Diego but my brother and sister and their husband and wife and my friend all went for the one day in creation when there wasn't a breath of wind.

we had this cassette of Tim Allen's HBO show, Men are Pigs.
yep, memorized it.

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