Thursday, December 12, 2019


I too k a lot of time today to listen to the radio on impeachment and then to watch Nadler's committee et al on the topic. I know where I stand on the issue and no amount of testimony would change that and I see that this is so with the House. I'm OK with that. And this is why, by and large, we're an armed country. Whenever the feelings get too inflamed there will be a call to arms. Not by me of course. And the ones first to leap to the megaphone and demand it are also the ones most urgently wishing us to be disarmed.

It went back and forth between men and women of good will and democrats. The tyrants toyed with the truth but then they lost it when they asserted the power of them over the 3rd branch of government and pushed hard on the other branch to uphold them. They assume an authority that they don't have and presume to lecture us to heed them.

I don't think so. YMMV.

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capt fast said...

"men and women of good will and democrats"....sweet.