Thursday, December 5, 2019


I hope you'll forgive the lapses of late in blog posting and replying. I lost everything Chrome when my Chrome browser was snapped up by some evil denizen of the net and while it's all backed up with Apple's Time Machine I haven't bothered to put it back to what it was. I wiped it all and reloaded just Chrome Browser and decided to build up from new there. It's kind of a relief getting out from under 22,300,642 bookmarks. Plus I tore one of the tendons in my knee, the power is on the blink in the kitchen, dining room and basement, I've got some painting to do and we're having guests to dinner tomorrow, going out with family on Saturday and hosting a dinner party on Sunday. Busy busy. One of the problems with my new browser, Brave, is that it doesn't recognize me and refuses to keep my identity up front where it can be seen when I comment on the brilliant and erudite blogs of others or even when I comment on my own blog. Brave has many other features I value so I'm sticking with it but it does mean I have to kickstart Chrome back to life every time I want to make a comment anywhere as me.


Anonymous said...

I've used Brave on my travel laptop, and have been able to comment on sites. Wonder why the difference?

HMS Defiant said...

I can comment with Brave but the default setting is anonymous and it doesn’t let me change it.

The Old Man said...

I usually have Brave and Firefox open. Brave is the usual browser, for the same reasons as you, I assume. If I want to comment, copy-and-paste into FF and write my drivel. Works for me.