Wednesday, December 4, 2019


There is chat on the chat networks on the darkside about how just about every horrible person one can think of was a frequent flyer on the lolita express and a frequent visitor at Epstein's various underage brothels. No sane person thinks Epstein killed himself and there is a lot of room to doubt that his Deutche banker did earlier this year.

It's always amusing to me to see how the low level enablers of the Left seem to commit suicide or die suddenly and suspiciously at something like 150X the ordinary rate. A simple list of the Clinton's suicide connections is worth a review.

The compiled list of victims of Clintons grows longer every year. We can add the names of the nearly departed soon. I could have sworn Donna Brazile wouldn't have made it out of 2017 alive. One can contrast their list of victims with Trump's or just about anybody who isn't a member of a Mexican drug cartel. The left have always traded in lives for power. Nothing about that has changed since 1917.


capt fast said...

lead poisoning and over exuberant use of cutlery seems to be a common theme with clinton foes. Most especially with those who had clear evidence of clinton family wrongdoing. Happily, the clinton family will eventually die out, becoming just more fertilizer at the local landfill. Hell, just saw bill clinton on camera sans make-up and he looked like nasty old mr. death was leading him by the hand to the nearest exit door on his way to hell, and he knew it. his funeral should include that old viking tradition of burying his wife with his corpse, alive or dead. as the tradition demands.
A lot of words are being expressed about the DNC becoming radicalized in 2012 with the re-election of barry o. I have my doubts. the DNC was radicalized when clinton was first elected to the presidency; that far back at least. one started seeing everyone coming into the light with their own pet agendas, all becoming the mainstream center of DNC political thought. A culture of lawlessness was established in the federal government bureaucracies during the clinton's time in power and it has continued to expand and exist today.
It would seem that informing any government official at any level of official wrongdoing by government operatives or bureaucrats of any department has become a life threatening activity.
is it any wonder now why adam schiff (d-ca) wants to keep the whistleblowers name secret? as a democrat, he realizes the fate of anyone who calls out a clinton or interferes with any aspect of an ongoing clinton operation.

HMS Defiant said...

When the left took over education of the young and then higher education I could see the writing on the wall. Those guys self-select for people like them and filled the ranks of each bureaucracy with like minded fellow travelers. They then ooched up in power to middle management and then the Ivy League scum showed up to command the bureaucrats from the top, as they like it and we lost the State Department right about the time Nixon was taken down and then we lost the rest.

I have to admit to being a little astonished that there hasn't been more gunfire used in clearing the room of enemies. It used to be how the left operated since the assassination of Ferdinand and the sudden death of the Tsar and his family. Now that Trump is loading the courts with many like minded Constitutionalists I expect the left to start breaking out there bombs and experimenting with guns again.
It's funny to me to read about the Dallas DA and San Francisco DA or CA AG who won't prosecute thieves and petty criminals who only ruin the lives of shopkeepers and people trying to make a living on the economy. I expect some counterfire soon.