Sunday, December 8, 2019


I've reached the point where I think that anybody wearing a hoodie should be shot on sight.


  1. I'd be willing to give them a pass if it was winter and snowing and 20Kts wind with 10 degrees below zero F. But, I would have a plan to shoot them, anyway. As I live in Aurora CO. now, I never go out without it; especially to the movies or shopping. While they now have a .46 I am going to stay with what I practice with.

  2. Badgers wear hoodies in the winter, and return fire.

  3. You live where it's always warm, don't you?

    1. Not so much. Used to live in Encinitas for about 30 years plus time off in the middle east. Cold on Failaka in December and January. Still, live now in metroparkcentralis, wore shorts today, cold raining, 32 degrees. Parts of me don't ever feel the cold. I used to sail lasers in Long Island Sound in February and do the death rolls on the way to the downwind mark. I used to have sweatshirts with hoods, never wore them though. They kill SA and I'm not going to walk around without SA.


  4. "They kill SA and I'm not going to walk around without SA."

    That is something upon which we agree. I very much dislike having my ears covered.

    Paul L. Quandt