Tuesday, December 31, 2019


It looks like President Trump has struck again in the way that only he has employed successfully. I won't mourn the loss of Iraq to islam. They were heading down that road now for a long time and the only way back from that is blood and better theirs than ours. The thing the government of Iraq and our State Department wallahs fail to understand is pretty simple to grasp. If the Iraqi government who this embassy has spent 19 years aiding, fails to assist in repelling the attackers? We will walk away. We may even whistle and dust our hands as we do it. You see, the government of Iraq has an obligation; we have a gravely faltering momentum that has waned to non-existence now and 90% of Americans don't care if Iraq goes totally islamic theocracy. It's no skin off our nose because we don't care anymore.

The Marines we launched out of Kuwait to safeguard the embassy in Bagdhdad are just time killers while the embassy staff burn the dross of 18 years of failure to embrace the overwhelming nihilism of islam. All that stuff needs to burn but you can be sure the State Department fools will fail to burn the files containing the names and addresses of every Iraqi who ever aided the United States of America. It's what they do.

When Iraq's government fails overwhelming to protect the Embassy and the Green Zone, Trump will approve air strikes in direct support of the Embassy Marines and then when we've glassed the zone and massacred the attackers Iraq wouldn't stop, he'll decide enough is enough and we'll leave Iraq to ISIS and Iran and perhaps the new no-fly zone will be, "nothing out of Iraq" and there will be no more air service to or from that dismal Hell on earth.


MSG Grumpy said...

Islam is incompatible with ANY civilization,
including their own.
We only have 1300 years of history proving it.

Someone a long time ago wrote that you should leave and remove even the dust they leave on your shoes when people you try to help demonstrate beyond a shadow of any doubt that they not only don't appreciate your help, but hate you for helping.

The people who wrote this were very smart.

Our government and especially our state department are NOT.

Helping those who are suffering is a fine and noble desire.

Continuing to feed the rabid dog that has taken your hand off is the definition of insanity.

My personal preference would be to Nuke from orbit,
but President Trump telling them to eat sand and walking away is something I can also support.

MSG Grumpy

capt fast said...

Well, yes, the Iraqi people certainly deserve better than what they have gotten from their leaders. But that is the Karma of all those who are just followers. It is not our duty to provide leadership for them, but example. We have given them enough example of what can be in a lawful land if you work at it. They chose to follow their old triabial ways and will reap the whirlwind. It is their choice.
I really hope the staff burns all the documents with names on it because they deserve that chance.
but it is way past time to come home. Afghanistan, too.