Tuesday, December 10, 2019


It was me. I was an LCDR on the NAVCENT staff in Bahrain and I'm the one that broke the uniform code. It was me. I'm sorry. I shared an office with the staff SEAL, the staff EOD and the other MCM guy, a captain. He was way senior to us but a good guy and someone I knew from the Mobile Units. He was in fact, the CO of the little bunch of us that were the Failaka Field Force back in the day, after Desert Storm. He replaced Captain Tom Fridgeon who was also a very good man and first leader of the plucky MCMs sent to serve forever in Bahrain.

 But, as I said. I'm the guy. We cats and dogs (SEALS, EOD and Me) had our own trailer next to the Marine's and down the walk from the MET guys in their trailer. We weren't quite as upscale and near to the throne as the Flag Commander whose trailer was closest to the throne. I was a mobile unit of one. I was titled N361 working with N36 and sharing an office with N37 but unlike them I had one full set of mobile unit equipment in the Banz Warehouse and it needed to be cycled and started if it was to work when called upon. I had no minions so it was up to me to start the generators and run them and then start and drive the 5 tons and deuce and a halfs around the Banz every week and because it could be dirty work, I wore my desert camouflage uniform.

I just wanna say, at least I had an excuse to wear the lightweight breathable suitable for desert climates uniform. I was almost a maintenance tech. So there I am, staff LCDR at NAVCENT HQ wearing the desert khami and before you know it everybody else on the staff, except the N6 bunch, was wearing it too. Even the admiral broke down and wore it.

 Still and all, there's no excuse for this guy. You are a chair commando and you need to dress for it. Nobody with a Pentagon office and official car and driver should wear that uniform.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

You have made yourself useful, and no mistake!

OldAFSarge said...

The wear of the working uniform by the Navy customer when they come to our facility for meetings and the like really frosts my ass. I remember when it was required to wear a nice uniform, if not quite Class A's (SDBs for you lot I guess), there were nice shirts, pressed pants, and no freaking combat boots. Sigh, perhaps we're both throwbacks Cap'n.

HMS Defiant said...

I worked at SPAWAR in San Diego. The boss ordered me to accompany her, and I was glad to do so, to Washington DC which my parents inhabited for the last 36 years and where I had been to many many times. I was wearing khakis at the office in San Diego and my wise boss 'reminded' me that all Navy personnel in the District were under orders to where the Uniform of the Day in the District. So, in summer one wore whites and in winter one wore service dress blue and under no circumstances did one wear khaki or kammi. I never knew that.

I flew up to attend my dad's retirement ceremony at Fort Myer and met the CNO. He was wearing the uniform of the day for the military district of washington and I was wearing the uniform of the day for the Norfolk Naval District. They were two totally different uniforms. I really really don't like Norfolk, 2nd Fleet, CINCLANT, SURFLANT, etc.

I'm a throwback but one that one would toss over the shoulder. My first CO used to refer to me as the techrep because he only ever saw me in blue coveralls. No insignia, no khaki belt, no name tag. As it happens though, I had the run of the wardroom and got on very well with my boss. It was just the others that used to write me up. 5 times at XOI and never a mast. OTOH, I was the legal officer and postal officer, auxiliary officer, wardroom mess treasurer, OOD, etc. As Al Pacino says, I been around!!!!