Wednesday, July 3, 2019


The judges are destroying the United States legal system one lousy judge at a time. A single judge in Washington State has decided U.S. immigration policy all by herself and sets herself at odds with the Constitution and the elected Representatives of the States. She has determined that only she can speak for illegal aliens and represent their 'rights' to America and order that the  President rein in the various organs of the Executive Branch.

The Supreme Court really needs to act now to prevent the President from simply deciding to ignore the judges beneath them. The Supreme Court either reins in their judges or they can expect the Executive Branch to order them to drop whatever they are doing to act immediately to control the excesses of the lower courts.

Given the proclivities of the country and the outrage of the left/liberal/progressives who find violence is justified by their feelings about anything, I'm surprised more judges haven't simply been shot or milkshaked to death. The pure violence and hate expressed by the left is well into the phases the later revolution in France experienced and while it will be nice to see them start to purge each other, I would prefer that they do that before they start by trying to purge people like me.

We need to end the days when a single crummy judge can stand national policy on its ear and order it stopped.


The Old Man said...

Amigo,you make hella sense. Not sure how badly the judicial system is going to screw up the 2020 election but the rampant fraud I expect will indeed trigger all out lawfare mixed with antifa/brown shirt violence.
As Baden-Powell and Tom Lehrer said "Be Prepared".

Paul L. Quandt said...

"antifa/brown shirt" I have been referring to them as ' brown shirts ' for some time. The comparison between those thugs and the ones in the 1920s/30s is very obvious to anyone with eyes and a knowledge of history.

Paul L. Quandt