Thursday, November 29, 2018


He was the voice of the people in Congress. We will miss that voice of reason as the new Congress presents itself to we, the people. 

While a House ruled by the Nazgul will prove entertaining, it will put an end to the pursuit of equal justice under the law and preserve the right of the Kennedy's and those beyond the law to, as whossname said, maintain. Thankfully, the Senate, which holds the rule of law in its orbit still presents an almost meaningful facade of lawful intent.

Sadly, they are the ones most bought and sold by the Trusts and the plutocrats.


Anonymous said...

Gowdey was the perfect example of the master of the kabuki dance. He sounds great, he looks great, but he delivered nothing. Now how is that possible given the formidable characteristics he displays so openly? What did he accomplish? Why should I miss him?

He is as accomplished as Sessions.

Gromit said...

He barked, he never bit.

Larry said...

I'm not sure if it was because Gowdy wouldn't bite, or if he was muzzled. But it sure was frustrating to watch him close in for the proverbial kill only to veer off at the last moment or pull his punch. I prefer to think he was muzzled by the powers that be, and that was one major reason why he quit. But it sure was frustrating to see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory so many times.

HMS Defiant said...

The power of the House to indict and pursue criminals and miscreant politicians is very limited by custom and tradition. Arguably, the House retains the powers established in the Constitution but there is little motivation to rack the lawbreakers. They fell into the mostly 'be civil to colleagues mode' after the War between the States and it stands to this day as their sole measure of bipartisanship.

I just happen to like how he tore the guts out of the idiots who made fools of themselves by testifying to nonsense to the committee. The difference is all the more profound when you realize the delta in mental capacity between a Gowdy and a Maxine Waters or that other idiot who wondered if the island of Guam wouldn't flip over if more Marines were based there instead of White Beach.

HMS Defiant said...

I cannot remember the last time a House panel bit anyone. It might have been as long ago as the impeachment of Bill Clinton and we all saw how that turned out once the collegial group known as the Senate got involved.

HMS Defiant said...

I agree 100%. I don't know why it happened but it did again and again and just when you think that guy is going down, the questions would stop. I suspect his story is much like the story of Cassandra in mythology.