Wednesday, November 28, 2018


It's been awhile since the Law made sense in our land although we're not as messed up as formerly Great Britain and the United Kingdom For Rapist Rights.
The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision on Tuesday limited the reach of the Endangered Species Act, ruling that the government can designate a protected “habitat” only in areas where a threatened animal could currently live.
The justices set aside a ruling that restricted development in a wooded area in Louisiana where an endangered frog might be able to live in the future if some trees were removed.
At present, the roughly 100 remaining dusky gopher frogs live only in a single pond in a wooded area nearby in Mississippi.
I did not expect anything like a unanimous decision from the Court. I do, however see a downside to their ruling for the poor remaining dusky gopher frogs. I can see now in my mind's eye the dedicated eco-warriors sneaking into that lonely pond in Mississippi and capturing a few of the remaining frogs in order to release them into nice private lands in Louisiana in order to call the ruling into question. Since ECO and SJW warriors are about as coordinated as a pack of two year old kids playing soccer, I expect most of the captured frogs will die and there will be so many attempting to "save them" that all of the dusky gopher frogs will be dead in a few months.

The SJW/ECO warriors have a long and horrifying record of laying waste to the places they attempt to save leaving behind thousands of tons of garbage, trash, human waste, bodies and that sort of thing along with their various drug stashes which they forgot about after heading to town for some munchies.
A tiny fraction of the waste left behind by eco warriors at their Dakota Pipeline protest camp

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