Friday, November 23, 2018


It's a mystery why people still give money or assets to some of the more famous organizations run by the Kleptocracy. I stopped giving to them when I learned that the head of the San Diego Red Cross was drawing a salary well in excess of a million dollars a year.  Ditto the head of United Way. There are better ways to spend my money for disaster relief. To be honest, stepping into my backyard and setting the bills on fire would be a better use of the money.

The apologists for the ruination of charities seem to think that they must pay superpeople to raise money using experts. Sadly, experience shows that people give because that's our nature. You know, except for those who don't. A lot of us? We aren't going to give anything to an organization that claims to be for the good of all but that compensates it's executives on the lavish scale of people who own townhouses in New York City.

Not going to happen.


capt fast said...

while in government service and military I was asked always to "give" for this or that campaign and I thought about that. Nope. I gave to the Salvation Army only. Sorta skewed the units charity numbers, but I realized that Armand Hammers got a great pay check at the time and the SA did the most with what they get.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, for my sins (I was junior) I was the Combined Federal Campaign manager at a couple of commands and while there are plenty of worthy charities I could not, in good conscience recommend giving to the Red Cross or United Way. As I recall a female admiral took over the roll of one of the two crooks mentioned above and IIRC did it for no salary.

Mike_C said...

When I found out what William Aramony (United Way) was hauling in (this was the late 1980's) I resolved to never give them any money. UW under Aramony's direction was very clever to work through employers to essentially extort donations. One place I was told by an HR manager that their goal was 100% of employees would donate to United Way, and my refusal to do so was making them look bad. "You wouldn't want to be the one that causes us to fail our goal, right?"
"I'm not going to stop you from giving them a contribution in my name, if that will make you happy, but I'm not giving a dime to a supposed charity where the chief executive is pulling in seven figures."