Sunday, November 11, 2018


There were people I never would have let hold a rifle in the field and that was my last 19 years in the Navy where we carried rifles. Given the opportunity to leave behind the useless and dangerous, I did, every single time. My wars were kind of come as you want affairs. I really truly didn't want the ones who didn't know how to shoot with me and so I didn't bring them to my little wars. I could be choosy back then.

Still, this is a date that lives forever just as 7 December does. If you have the time, watch the video to the end. On my first ship, I did have one of those guys who crossdecked to be on LaSalle. He maybe had an IQ of 80. As my CHENG used to say, "You have the smartest and dumbest sailors in your division." I used to respond, with it was "A" division. We're auxiliaries. We sort of make things happen everywhere else.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I watched this a week or so ago, on YouTube. I found it apoalling, but definitely MacNamara. What an evil man.

HMS Defiant said...

My dad was Army and son of a colonel and Army.

What McNamara did lingered on for decades as idiots who never should have been enlisted made rank and became the barracks voice of the Army. A lot of them were complete idiots. We didn't get better until the Gulf War and I'm here to tell you, back then, we still had those god damned idiots as sergeant majors punching captains down the barrack's stairs. If they were beating captains imagine what they did to the privates.