Saturday, November 17, 2018


I noticed this last week that there was an issue concerning the NRA challenging doctors and the AMA to stay in their own lane and stop trying to abuse the Civil Rights we enjoy under the Constitution. The doctors claim to be outraged about gun violence because, guns.

The NRA should simply advise those in the medical profession who would deny us our Civil Rights to work harder to prevent the over 250,000 deaths every year attributed to medical practice. Guns are a pale shadow of the real killer we know as medical malpractice and maybe doctors should improve their house before attempting to overthrow our rights.

Honestly, when you look at all the so-called scientific studies just on food science that health experts got completely wrong, how can you believe anything they say? Why do we all accept that when we get a diagnosis, we should also get a second opinion? It's a common refrain in answer to a common problem which boils down to the fact that even highly educated and trained people can and do make mistakes.

I could see their point if I believed in the nanny state. If the AMA and doctors were sincere, they would also request a ban on all use of automobiles, buses, electricity, bicycles, swimming pools and beaches. Yet the only one that bothers them is the one that is Constitutionally protected.


Anonymous said...

and the AMA left out that most dangerous of killers humans ever faced: the hammer. the number one killer which has remorselessly withstood challenges to control its use in human death for years.

HMS Defiant said...

Yea but you just know they're going to weigh in like a ton of bricks on how "global warminig" is going to kill billions and billions of people over the next century.