Sunday, November 4, 2018


I think they started in Love Field but I flew them all the time because cheap and friendly worked for me. They had an every hour, on the hour, flight from Oakland to San Diego which was where I was going and flying back from and were an actual pleasure to fly back in the beginning when the planes were less than half full. They had their own terminal, #2, in Oakland and the metal detectors there didn't work so I never had any trouble taking 4 pounds of surgical steel through them without getting stopped even once, for years. They really did have flight attendants just like this on many of their flights and they played games with free drinks for passengers in the winning row. It was all good.

For a few years I flew them a lot to Texas and back to San Diego and flying was easy even after 9/11.


Anne Bonney said...

Yes, I remember the sparkly teeth Elvis on my flight to somewhere. Did I ever tell you that the founder of Southwest Airlines is a member of the You-Know-What Hall of Fame?

HMS Defiant said...

I might have known. I wonder if he knows about the shenanigans there this last week or so.