Wednesday, November 28, 2018


I am left wondering today if what President started with and continues with will become the minimum requirement for the nation's next president. I have included his voice on my blog roll lately because what Americans and the rest of the world see now is a ruler who speaks directly to the people without having his words filtered by his administration, his spokesman or the editors and news jockeys of the press. In other words, we get a direct pipeline from the mind of the President of the country to us without all the smoothing and spin applied, as they have been for decades, by the main stream media.

I know vast numbers of people object to his approach but I laugh at them much the way the media tries to laugh off the Presidential broadsides he levies against them every single day. No, no, I don't read his stuff everyday. I seldom look at it unless there is breaking news of that ilk and I'm curious what his take on it is. For instance, we drove by Lordstown on Monday on the Ohio Turnpike enroute to Latrobe, Penna and saw that at 1015AM, the lot was empty. It has been that way for some months as we saw GM ramp down Cruz production. It was no surprise to drive back by Lordstown at 1745 Monday and see an empty lot.

On Tuesday I read about GM's decision to let go 14,000 auto workers including everyone who worked at Lordstown. I was curious to see what the President's take on this matter would be and there it is, in the blog roll for all to see because I don't think Jack Dorsey or the other SJWs at Twitter have the balls to shut down President Trump's twitter account.

Yes, I know, there will be another loser deep in the bowels of Twitter who will decide, unilaterally, to shut down the President's account for violating twitt's terms of service. I imagine half the country is looking forward to that day and hoping for sooner rather than later.

I don't see how any candidates from the popular and progressive party of loose communism and die-hard socialism could fail to tweet their every passing thought if they hope to beat Trump at this game. Likewise, I don't see America accepting a candidate so vile and weak that he or she cannot lay out his or her thoughts in clear definitive script for all to read. Twit makes the standard obfuscation difficult to say the least and encourages clear thinking and brevity over all other considerations, even for politicians.


capt fast said...

looking at the far horizon two years away, there are very few people presently in the public eye such as Trump which one could have the confidence in the idea that they would mean what they say and say what they mean. as in "hold my beer while i text this crap".
I have the feeling people need to be looking outside the realm of politics for competent leadership. I mean, democrats see N. Pelosi as leadership material? republicians have the same problem. after Trump; what/who????

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, at one time we looked outside politics and we elected Generals. We haven't done that since Ike and to be honest, the generals since Ike haven't been all that good at playing a winning game. Vietnam hosed the living hell out of them and when it was readily apparant long after the war that most of the generals were venal to the end, it kind of killed off that idea. Nobody was really serious about even Colin Powell for president and he is easily 10X the man that Obama was.