Thursday, October 11, 2018


Mind you, I  don't believe in it but imagine, 3 feet of water rising in Manhattan and 3 on the rise in the Potomac. But of course you don't see that at all. All of those who spout the rising deny it where they live.

They just want you to be scared of it.

Srsly, guys, it's getting old.

And..........I have a boat.


capt fast said...

I am holding out for six feet so that at least the Coast Guard men and women survive.

HMS Defiant said...

I worked with those men and women. I hope they survive too. They are good people. I remember attending class with 2 men who got permission to land their helo for classes at the helipad on Coast Guard Island in Oakland instead of at SFO because they were the response pilots who took a helo into the air in 90 knots of wind with storm and fly 200 miles out into the Pacific to rescue people, when they weren't in class.