Sunday, May 27, 2018


I endorse everything he wrote.

My father, who is my touchstone for unyielding truth, honesty and integrity, told me about knowing one of the FISA judges who lived in our neighborhood. They used to eat sausage together at Monday Morning's. He said the man was the soul of integrity.

I would wonder what happened to that but for the matter of knowing democrats and knowing that there is nothing they don't poison out of spite and will.

Remember when you used to know people of enormous integrity? They would not sully their soul for any reason and without proclaiming it aloud, you knew that was true.

We live in an integrity deficit. I knew the men like Admiral Rogers. They were named Fargo and Costello and Julian and you could take to the bank their word on anything. I worked for them and for a number of others for whom integrity was pretty much their center.

I've been reading the history of the Civil War and it was a war of generals like no other war. In just about every single case, the integrity of the general and staff stood out like an iceberg in the Sahara. If you ever get the chance to visit the house of Old Hickory, marvel for a time at a man of his word who lived and died  as he was.

I suspect one can say the same for the old astronauts, the Mercury Seven and Gemini and Apollo. They had a code and they lived it.

Read the link. You'll be a wiser person.


Brig said...

Enjoyed this post. Please keep them coming.

HMS Defiant said...

Admiral Fargo was a true piece of work. I worked for him directly when he was just a vice admiral. Admiral Costello was my XO on worst ship in navy. He had integrity so deep your cat could kneed it for weeks. He was the one, looked into the audience, said, "Hi Curt" "where is AIRPACs rep" and the CO of Fleet Combat Training said, "Lex is on the way." Captain Julian was a real honor to work for. I try to keep their names alive. They were the best of men.