Friday, May 11, 2018


I noted with some interest that the press had published a number of articles stating that the Bahraini Foreign Minister had tweeted his support for Israel and the actions taken against an aggressor. The "alleged" FM's tweet is here.

 The problem of course is that I don't believe it's real. I'm pretty sure we'll see something along these lines in the next day or so. "Bahrain foreign minister's Twitter account hacked" again.

It's nice to believe that tiny Bahrain even with the US Fifth Fleet based there is unlikely to instantly announce via a personal twitter account that the Kingdom of Bahrain supports all actions taken in defense against aggression. Unmitigated aggression and attack has been the hallmark of arab foreign policy since 1949 and as far as I know, not a single arab country has apologized for it.

I could see the current, or even the last king joining with Anwar Sadat and King Abdullah, I just don't believe it would be prefaced by a personal tweet from the foreign minister. I checked with the Gulf Daily News and Al Khaleej Times and neither had a peep in them about the tweet. I suspect the minister was in his cups or his account was hacked.

Honestly, could anybody believe a word out of Kerry or Hillary's mouth after lunchtime? One was absurdly stupid and the other was even stupider, thought herself cunning beyond belief and both probably worked no more than 3 hours a day before stepping into a gin and tonic or bottle of brandy.

This may be another case where all those involved: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait simply decide not to dignify it by ever referring to it at all.

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