Friday, May 25, 2018


When those of leftist bent get all worked up about the non-crime of collusion, Mention this.
CAIRO — The Egyptian government’s hostile response to a US initiative to fund pro-democracy groups has strained America's relations with its biggest Arab ally during a critical transitional period for Egypt. 
The tension has been building since March, when the US announced plans to distribute $65 million in grants directly to pro-democracy groups. But the angry and wide-ranging response from the Egyptian government and military, which has gone beyond typical Egyptian criticism of American foreign policy, has raised concern in Washington and underscored the challenge the US faces in navigating its relationship with a newly independent Egypt.
I'm not laughing anymore at the stupidity or venality of democrats. They're evil. They pay to corrupt foreign elections and jump maddened by hate when they think somebody colluded in any of their elections.

Oddly enough, collusion is not a crime.

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