Friday, May 4, 2018


"I speak in Latin to God, Italian to Women, French to Men, and German to my Horse."

I stopped taking Latin classes in 4th grade, stopped talking to women shortly after, know nothing of women, horses or French. Born in Germany, somewhat effluent in French still completely clueless about women but I'm working on that. Give me another 200 years and I'll have them figured out.

The Habsburgs were probably more arrogant than any person now alive.

Still, one has to be complete mental defectives for this, Charles the Vee.

(Charles) decided that extinguishing Luther would leave the Pope without a rival.

At the age of just 19, Charles V was the richest and most powerful person of his time, but all the power in the world did not stop Martin Luther from ripping the heart out of his Catholic empire.

Born in 1500, Charles inherited a vast empire from his parents.

When his father Philip I died in 1516 Charles inherited control over The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Artois and Franche-Comté (or Free County of Burgundy).

In 1516 his maternal grandfather Ferdinand II died and he inherited AragÓn, Navarre, Granada, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Spanish America, and joint kingship with his mother (who was insane) over Castile.

Then in 1519 when his grandfather Maximilian I died, Charles inherited the Hapsburg lands in Austria and was elected Holy Roman emperor.

One should only tread into the past with a loaded gun and plenty of ammo, I think.

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