Thursday, December 14, 2017


I find the discussions I read about net neutrality amusing because I was there at the beginning as were many of you. I started up on the internet with a 2400 baud modem I got from my brother-in-law who had just upgraded. After a while I upgraded to a faster dialup modem because that's how my finances rocked. I could have paid over a $1000 for a T1 line but it probably wasn't available in my neighborhood and I couldn't afford it and I moved often enough that it was too ridiculous to contemplate.

The FCC repealed Net Neutrality today and returned the internet to the shape it was in before fascists struck and took over running everything for their benefit and their profit under Obama. We have returned to the light and I can't see why so many people are caterwauling about how the internet is ruined now, just ruined!

I don't see exactly why people are moaning about having to pay for what they get. The ISP spent the big bucks, in fact, the only money, to install internet service across the country and then they lose customers who whine about the slowness because everybody and his uncle is downloading movies. Everybody in the real world knows that you pay for the bandwidth you use. (Does not apply to radio or TV stations that don't have to pay a dime).

I looked at the NN rules Obama threw into the gears as nothing but a very serious attempt by him, to force ISPs to upgrade their networks in order to accommodate more and more traffic driven from google, netflix, amazon, facebook and the rest of the billion $ companies who won't be required or expected to pay a dime to subsidize the network infrastructure. That's what net neutrality was all about. It was seizing control of the assets of the ISPs and turning them into unpaid adjuncts of the DNC funding giants of the internet.

The toll road analogy is pretty much spot on. You can take the interstate or you can go faster and save time by paying extra $ to the company that built the toll road and get to the same destination faster. The thing about the analogy though, is that we all pay for the interstate at different rates. Tractor trailers pay a lot more money to use the highway than you or I do because they cause significantly more wear and tear on the roads. That sounds fair to me and,

The truckers aren't really the ones paying those higher fees and tolls because the trucking companies pass those right along to the businesses that hired them to move heavy bulky goods over the roads. In other words, it's about as neutral as you can get and the options are reserved to the consumers. Why would anybody think that was some sort of nightmare scenario?

I listened to NPR again this morning and yes, I know, it's bad for me, but they had on the usual gaggle of ignorant pissant experts from the extreme left who argued that we should be more like parts of Europe where the internet consumer is protected from the thieving ISPs by being able to take their business to other vendors and say that we in 'merika can't because thieving ISPs and consolidation of ISPs.

They all think we're rubes but they never lived in small towns in America and I've lived in a bunch of them and I know for a fact that as the internet was rolling out those towns all viewed it as a one time cash cow and so they all SOLD the rights to install to one vendor who made the 'best offer' to pay for the privilege of wiring up the place. In some they sold it to different ISPs one neighborhood at a time.

You should see the crap they pulled when it came to overheading the internet on municipal utility poles and how every single time the vendor included a non-compete clause restricting net access to just his/her service. Gads, before the real broadband I used to move frequently and every time I moved I moved to a neighborhood that, as usual, had just one provider and it was always a different provider.

I moved from West Oakland to Emeryville and from there to Solana Beach and from there to Del Mar Heights and from there to Encinitas and every single time, I left my email address behind because it could not be transferred into the new town until yahoo and then google mail rolled out. My employer was our Uncle Sam and his IT people did a lot more than frown at people who used .mil accounts for personal business.

In what other realm do these ninnies who are outraged at the revocation of NN object to pay to play? They eat it up if it means bribing Hilary Clinton to get access to the State Department and change our policy all over the world. They have no problems with pay to play at the DNC or whatever the rethuglicans call the losers running their national campaign. Every single person in America knows that people only give money to congressmen and senators because they expect and get a quid pro quo.

At this point, I will pause and listen to what you have to say.


virgil xenophon said...

Have to say? You've already well covered the waterfront, friend Curtis..

HMS Defiant said...

Well now I've moved to the nation's north coast and I've finally found that there are multiple providers in my neighborhood but no true broadband. Everyone is DSL here. I was hoping we were going to get one of those 1gb google installations but no.