Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It was once an interesting magazine back when all that mattered was beating on democrats. However, after the selection of Donald Trump as republican candidate the NRO jumped the shark and headed out to sea.

They published a masterful article on the disease known as Mueller and carefully laid out what a complete partisan hack he was who carefully selected inside the beltway crony democratic party Trump haters and after carefully describing the way the special investigator hihjacked the special investigation, the National Review concluded:
What then is going on here?   
No one knows. We should assume that there will be almost daily new disclosures of the Mueller investigation’s conflicts of interest that were heretofore deliberately suppressed. Yet Donald Trump at this point would be unhinged if he were to fire Special Counsel Mueller — given that the investigators seem intent on digging their own graves through conflicts of interest, partisan politicking, leaking, improper amorous liaisons, indiscreet communications, and stonewalling the release of congressionally requested information.
They still don't get President Trump and it looks unlikely they ever will understand the man. I think he probably has Sessions and the DOJ carefully laying out indictments for all of the people involved in the Special Counsel hitjob and they probably include wiretaps.

I wouldn't want to be Mueller, Comey or any of the counsels and investigators on the hijacked special investigation into collusion with Russia. They're going down and perhaps Hillary, finally, as well.

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