Thursday, December 28, 2017


The NFL has taken the unprecedented step of canceling Sunday night's games. They claim they are doing this because they reckon the games are boring and nobody would bother to sit down and watch them anyway but we know the real reason they cancelled the games. They wanted to spare the Browns the agony of total humiliating defeat and an 0 - 16 season. No more Lions!

UPDATE: The teams will play, they'll just be spared the embarrassment of having their play broadcast to their dozens of fans.

UPDATE UPDATE: The Browns have finally joined the Lions of Detroit in the ignominy of defeat and an 0-16 season. Let's hope that, mutatis mutandis, the Browns can win one in 2018.

It's kind of a pity. I was actually planning to watch the game. I used to be a Steelers fan and what they could do to the Browns would make Attila cringe. C'est domage.

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