Friday, December 8, 2017


IF, I had a time machine. I really like history. I'd delve around the neartime and then reach into the deep time before english or french and find myself dead. I don't speak the lingo. My brother-in-law thinks he knows attic greek and I tell him his office is in the attic and he doesn't. I once found myself on a bus to Cadiz with a much more senior officer who swore he knew spanish. We went to a lot of places before we got to Cadiz, which was closed for the day, because Sunday. Not in a hurry to go there again.

The Fall of Civil life happened once and I regret to see it happening again today. The so-called refugees and migrants are bringing the death of civilization with them and as with Rome, none can see it.

And yes, I posted it once but I think it is worth watching again and so should you.

Oh, and two women in my life have now sent me copies of Ancillary Justice. If they weren't relatives I'd hope I run out of women who want to send me a book I'll never ever read. Ever.


Anne Bonney said...

Cuneiform? - there's an app for that.

HMS Defiant said...

There is an app for everything these days :)