Friday, December 22, 2017


The UN voted today to kick America's figurative butt because they don't like us. Our ambassador warned them that there would be consequences to any sort of administrative and figurative butt kicking and a number of our friends and allies and other diseased loathsome hellholes that vote in the UN elected to ignore a very pointed warning.

Those marked in green prefer terrorists to America
I'm optimistic by nature so I expect to see the anti-Trump forces of darkness rally their troops to continue to fund 35% of the UNRWA  effort that aids the PLO and Hammas when the President drops that line item from the budget next year and when he slashes our contribution to the United Nations. I'll be fascinated to see which of the Democrats stands tall and denounces President Trump for cutting funding for terrorists who live in and around Gaza and the West Bank. Why not spend that money on our kids here in America?

The UN was given many chances over the decades to prove itself and it has proven to be corrupt, incompetent and venal beyond belief. I don't think anyone will miss it when it goes the way of the League of Nations which, come to think of it, is just about where it stands now in terms of utility, function or purpose.

As for the crappy little hellholes that voted to kick ole Uncle Sam? I expect the President is going to zero your funding too. You really should have listened because so far President Trump has been doing what he said he would do.


The Old Man said...

I do believe that Nikki said that the US would be taking notes.
PDT should change the UN physical location to Puerto Rico. Or Brussels.

HMS Defiant said...

I think it would be interesting if he had federal tow trucks just tow away all the illegally parked diplomatic vehicles in and around New York. No ticket, just tow them to an impound yard and let the diplomats come and fetch them.

lofty said...

I am embarrassed by the New Zealand actions.

HMS Defiant said...

There's an astonishing number of countries still anxious to believe that they can appease the dangerous muslims by behaving like jackals. The Axis of Evil that Bush II referred to is alive and well with the last American regime pandering to the remaining members of the Axis by floating them endless time, money and opportunity to build nuclear weapons and long range ICBMs. It's funny we are the only ones to worry about Iran. Europe is well within striking range of Iran's current arsenal.