Sunday, January 22, 2017


My intent, after stabbing myself 3 times, was to mention and show a deer. We were driving up RiverView Road here in MetroParkDentralis ( oh what the hell, metroparkdenrtralis fit the mood) and I was saying to the driver that one never ever sees your actual deer in the wood.) They're always in the yard and, of course, a deer right in front of us crossed the road to be in the wood and I said, "look! a deer in the wood" and she looked left and said, "look, deer in the yard."

Ohio is like that.


  1. Um, three times? Pray, how did that happen? (Once you heal of course, no hurry...)

    1. I believe you yourself know one. Do you recall the cartoonist from whom I rustled that wonderful cartoon of every single thing going to hell itself on watch and the CO joining in and pronouncing, "HEY OOD! NOBODY DID THE BRIGHT WORK...

      20 years before that he showed us Surface Warfare Officers what he knows about swos. Stab, stabitty stab, twist and yes, we made it an icon of our time at SWO school where the mad, crazy sub LT gave us little insights of joy in his spare moments.

    2. Hahaha!

      I should have thought of the SWO aspect from the git-go!