Friday, January 20, 2017


I've had about 40 years of experience with Marines. In my experience they are constantly concerned with image and uniformity. I find it interesting that the last few days have shown a divide between each pair of Marines who are engaged in Presidential service. I didn't expect that from the few. Obviously, one of them has maligned his hat. The question is, which one?

Hey Sarge! Nice hat.


Sonoboy said...

While I didn't notice the hat issue, I DID notice the Marine to the left in the photo kept wobbling at attention, and didn't spread his feet properly when at parade rest. It's OK, though, they were probably nervous by all the cameras trained upon them at the time.

HMS Defiant said...

ahhhhhh, true but these are full sergeants of the Marine Corps. My staff sergeant, Staff Sergeant Brooks, at NSI would have eaten both of these guys for lunch and not even burped. Marines believe more than anyone else on the planet in UNIFORM and these two guys got it all wrong, on TV, on the day Mattis and Kelly got the nod from the Senate. I think 8th and I is awash in blood today. This was pathetic. Oh God, compare it to the 3rd Infantry and the Old Guard. These guys were complete losers. The guys at Fort Myer must have laughed their asses off.

OldAFSarge said...

Even this old Air Force Master Sergeant was shocked and appalled. Who dressed those two?

Somewhere, a Gunny's head just exploded.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh God yeah! That was probably the most egregious USMC FAILURE of all time. WHO put those two on the door for the most video'd event of the century?

Normal people don't get it at all. They poo poo it. Us and those like us and people like Professor Dave, we got that epic fail.

Other people won't understand which is OK. Other people don't know Marines. To give them some idea, those two? It was like sending a pair of boy scouts to the whitehouse and telling them not to pick their nose.