Thursday, January 12, 2017


Astute readers may have picked up that I based much of my 30 years in the navy out of San Diego with some time off in the Bay Area before moving back to Solana Beach. I was never a Chargers fan. My team has been the Redskins since very long ago but I don't really pay all that much attention to the sport.

When I returned from the Bay Area a couple of years before the new millennium, the Chargers had signed a sweet deal with teh citie whereby the citizen/taxpayers of San Diego agreed to spend umpteen million on improvements to Jack Murphy stadium and guarantee 100% ticket sales even if that meant that the citizen/slave/taxpayers paid for the unsold tickets and let politicians of the citie hand them out to their cronies and ward healers. And so it was done. For year after year as the Chargers got worse and worse and ticket sales plummetted.

The threat by Spanos was always, 'do this and do it my way or I'm taking my team and hitting the highway.' We always knew the day would come. That family has as much of the milk of human kindness and respect for decency as a rattlesnake. Today, the rattlesnake bit and told the world that the Bolts were moving to LA.

I would just like to say, good riddance! San Diego doesn't need a team so awful and so worthless that it alone lost to the Cleveland Browns this year. The only team the Browns beat was the San Diego Chargers. Can you say, 'hit the road Dean?'

I knew you could.

Now we get to see some real grovelling as the citie leaders haul out their daughters of marriageable age and promise them to any NFL owner who will move to the city for anything up to $400 million in cash and a brand new, built at 100% taxpayer expense, downtown football stadium they'll build on spec.

I blame global warming.....................and Bush.

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