Thursday, January 19, 2017


They plan to march in DC on the 21st but can't you imagine them in the march up to Baghdad? That would have scared the shiite out of Hussein and Khameini.

I have to admit, I haven't read that book. I read his first one though, way back when I got it out of the library at Fort Riley when I was 11. It told a remarkable and memorable tale. Well worthy reading. This one is also very good. It talks about the talking tank!

On that topic, I just replaced a book I missed for years and couldn't find in bookstores. You can buy wonderful books for no more than a penny plus $3.99 shipping online. I don't usually do that because I tell myself that I need an excuse to haunt used bookstores, of which there are far to few, while searching for Viscount Slim's memoirs, Jackie Fisher's memoirs etc. I can find them online and in this case I bit the $ because it once was mine and I loaned it to a friend......who just happened to be a lawyer...and process server and it was missed.

So anyway. We shall see what the morrow brings in the Triumph and the next day in the desolate wasteland left behind by a zillion angry womyns. I wouldn't want to be there. No indeed.

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