Friday, January 6, 2017


One of the problems with Trump's pending reforms to the government revolved around the dedicated bureaucrats who are firmly entrenched, armed to the teeth with millions of regulations, hedged around with administrative rules governing misconduct that take the teeth out of any attempt to punish them for intransigence or failure to support the goals of the administration and prepared to fight to the death to preserve all the foulest aspects of the EPA, Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, etc. Well, sucks to be them.

If they prove to be as obdurate and malodorous after the 20th of January, Congress is preparing to use napalm and other scorched earth tactics to take them down.

House Republicans this week reinstated an arcane procedural rule that enables lawmakers to reach deep into the budget and slash the pay of an individual federal worker — down to $1 — a move that threatens to upend the 130-year-old civil service. 
The Holman Rule, named after an Indiana congressman who devised it in 1876, empowers any member of Congress to propose amending an appropriations bill to single out a government employee or cut a specific program.
I can live with that. There are a lot of bureaucrats who are willing to go to the wall in order to defend the indefensible and it is time to rein them in because we don't work for them, they work for us. They've mostly lost sight of that over the last 60 years.


OldAFSarge said...

...bureaucrats who are willing to go to the wall.... Do we have to pay for blindfolds?

The bureaucracy is a problem in any large organization, in the government (at nearly all levels) it is the problem. Wipe out a number of those bureaucracies and you immediately improve things.

Anyhow, that's my take.

HMS Defiant said...

Agree. We could safely dispense with 4 out of 5 bureaucrats (defined as people who sit on their ass when there is work to be done), and not miss them at all. Not like those Telephone Sanitizers, 2nd Class who we know are essential to life, liberty and a germ free phone conversation.